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5 Ways Social Proof Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

5 Ways Social Proof Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

As much as marketing is a science, a majority of that science is derived from psychology and an in-depth examination of human behavior. We use certain colors in marketing materials to evoke positive (or negative) emotions. Keywords help drive sales. Just the right, catchy tune […]

Here’s Why Your Business Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website

Here’s Why Your Business Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website

The web is now the primary information source for most consumers. Businesses with a strong web presence are more likely to thrive than those without one. Whether you’re selling products, offering medical or legal services, or running a business-to-business operation, there’s a good chance most […]

5 Key Benefits to Med Spa Email Marketing

5 Key Benefits to Med Spa Email Marketing

Health and wellness are top priorities for consumers these days, which is why we’re also seeing a large rise in popularity for medical spas. In fact, since Google first started tracking search traffic in 2004, there’s been a 1,500 percent increase in search interest for medical spas. Now, more than ever, med spas should flex their marketing muscles to help capture the growing popularity of the industry. Email marketing is a great way to do just that. It’s also one of the best marketing methods to help reach out to potential customers before they land on a competitor’s website instead of yours.

Capture clients before (and more frequently than) your competitors

Potential clients aren’t traveling across the country for medical spas. Instead, they’re going local, and 80 percent of consumers go to search engines (primarily Google) to look up information on local businesses. It’s important to make sure your business is part of that search traffic by investing in effective SEO strategies, but you can also get more eyes on your business through email marketing

Keep in mind that when a potential client goes to Google to search for a local med spa, they’re also going to see your competitors. Depending on how well you’re ranking on Google based on the keywords most important for your med spa, potential clients may see your competitors listed more prominently, as well. And if your competitors are ranking higher, or have better reviews, you may end up with far fewer conversions.

However, email marketing makes it easier to work with Google’s search results instead of just working around them. The old school marketing principle, the Rule of 7, applies here. That rule says that potential buyers need to encounter your product seven times before taking action. If your only reach to clients is through Google searches, they may only see your brand name once. However, if you capture them through email marketing as well, social media, blog posts, and even direct mail, you’ll get more eyes on your business that will increase the likelihood a client walks through the door.

Enhance your SEO content strategy

Most SEO strategists will tell you that to help your website rank, you need regularly updated content. There are many ways to go about this, blog content incorporating keywords that you want to rank for is a starting point. 

Even with that accomplished, there are still no guarantees when it comes to ranking on Google. You may have the most interesting, well-written, and valuable content on the web, but getting it onto the top of a Google search and into a position to convert is no easy task if other SEO musts aren’t falling into position as well. Email marketing can help supplement the Google ranking difficulty by getting more eyes on your content, even when it’s not ranking well.

Email campaigns typically involve more than just text. You can include links back to your website’s content, including blogs, articles, or landing pages you’ve designed to help promote your med spa’s products and services. From there, you may be able to encourage more clients to return for repeat or new treatments and may be able to increase the flow social media shares, which in turn can help the content rank better.

Offer incentives directly through email

Everyone loves good deals, discounts, and freebies. Email marketing makes it easier to offer those goodies directly to potential clients. Anything from free consultations to discounts on the most popular type of services you offer could be worthwhile. 

For example, the American Med Spa Association (AmSpa) found that chemical peels were the most popular procedure in 2016 and 2017, followed by aesthetician services and botox/filler injections. To help drive more business, you may want to advertise discounts for these key services or offer special treatment packages to email subscribers.

One of the most difficult aspects of email marketing is building your email lists. But if you offer email opt-in incentives, you’ll be able to build your lists much faster. You’ll also be able to reduce the number of unsubscribes you get by regularly offering deals, discounts, or freebies that are only available for those subscribed to your email list. Subscribers are more likely to want to stay subscribed if they know there’s a good reason to keep on the email list and to open the emails when they come. 

Encourage past customers to return for more treatments

AmSpa’s 2018 report found that 70 percent of med spa customers are repeat clients. Email marketing is an excellent method to encourage that kind of regular patronization of your business. 

One of the best ways to do this is not just by sending one-off emails offering incentives, but through regular and consistent email campaigns that help increase engagement with your business. That incentive to come back, thanks to the sweetened deal from your marketing emails, makes it more likely customers will make that return trip.

Automated email marketing solutions are everywhere these days, and fairly inexpensive. Popular tools, such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, and SendinBlue make it easy to integrate email marketing into your overall marketing strategy. These services pair well with your website to help create, manage, and send your campaigns to your email lists. You can even get deeper-level insights into how your marketing lists are interacting with your emails. 

Promote new services and products easier and for less money

Advertising can be expensive, and it’s often a hit or miss trying to get access to the clients who care the most about your business. However, it’s easier to advertise your med spa’s new services and products to the people who care the most through email marketing.

Your email lists are primarily built from customers who are interested in your products or services. This makes it far easier to get more engagement in your product or service promotions through your marketing email lists. Many automated email services charge $25 per month or less for the type of email marketing most local businesses need. 

In fact, depending on the size of your business and your email list, you could even use some automated email services for free. That said, you’ll find free subscriptions to these services are often feature-limited.

Email marketing also makes it significantly easier to reach clients without having to use sometimes pricey pay-per-click models. It’s also a more direct, more intimate method to communicate your products and services to potential clients and provide more page space to elaborate on your product versus the small amount of space given in paid ads. 

You’ll also find that email marketing won’t interfere with any other marketing methods you employ. For a broader reach, you can supplement your email marketing with social media posts or ads, or Google Ads that can help target potential clients who aren’t on your email list.

How to get started with med spa email marketing

There are only three things you need to get started with email marketing:

  • Sign-up methods or forms (either embedded into your website or entered manually through email addresses given to you by in-person clients)
  • An automated email service
  • Email content

Week-by-week management of your email marketing is easy enough once you have the necessary infrastructure in place. The hardest part? Getting everything off the ground, including building your email list for marketing. If you need professional assistance getting your med spa email marketing up and running, contact Madison Ave Media for a complimentary consultation.  

How to Consistently Attract New Patients into Your Practice

How to Consistently Attract New Patients into Your Practice

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6 Ways Custom Home Builders Can Digitize Their Marketing

6 Ways Custom Home Builders Can Digitize Their Marketing

There’s something uniquely special about a custom built home. Not only does it reflect the character and personality of the buyer, but it’s also a calling card for the design company behind it. As a custom home builder, every home you design and build should attract more business, both through organic word-of-mouth advertising from the buyer and from the inescapable curb appeal your homes deliver to passersby. 

However, you can’t expand your market quickly if you only rely on word-of-mouth and “in plain sight” advertising. That limitation will become glaringly clear if you custom build homes in rural locations, or in comparatively small housing developments. 

To better expand your business regionally, you need to a wider set of advertising. You could blanket the streets with postcards promoting your business, or go old school with highway billboards. However, many potential buyers interested in custom builds spend more time online and are more likely to trust companies that offer an interactive online presence. 

Here are a few digital avenues you should explore to help expand your reach to new customers interested in custom built homes.

Content Writing

Google is a difficult monster to navigate, but online marketers have learned something about how Google operates over the years: content is among the most important tools you can use. We’re not just talking about a few landing pages, either.

If you want to expand your digital presence, you need high-quality content that solves problems and answers questions. 

There are a few ways to go about developing must-read content for potential clients. The tried-and-true method is to develop an active and engaging blog section on your business website to help drive traffic. However, that’s only a small part of an effective content strategy.

You’ll also want to consider marketing your content through social media platforms and through guest posting to other, related websites that have decent traffic and audiences who may be interested in what you have to say on custom built homes.

Additionally, note that consumers are particularly sensitive to sales materials. If all of your content feels like a sales pitch, potential buyers will probably lose interest. You can deliver an effective call to action in your content, but make sure the meat of the content you deliver answers questions consumers have about custom built homes. Your content should provide information that gives potential buyers genuine help in some kind of way.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Great content is important, but if nobody can find your educational blog posts about the cost of custom homes versus production homes, you’ll be spending money on content that isn’t actually serving a purpose. This is where SEO or “search engine optimization” comes in. 

Google is constantly changing its ranking algorithms in ways that can make it difficult to get your content on the first or even second page of a Google search. However, you can optimize your website and your web content to make them more competitive, more appealing to Google’s algorithms, and more likely to get listed on the first page.

SEO is a bit of a guessing game sometimes as Google keeps its algorithm pretty secret. However, the search engine giant acknowledges there are a few SEO rules that every site must follow to even stand a chance of ranking. Those include:

To note, there are dozens of different SEO tweaks you can make to your website. This is why many small, medium and large businesses either hire SEO specialists or SEO agencies to help regularly monitor website traffic, rankings and other factors and to implement regular SEO tweaks and strategies. 

Backlinking, in particular, is still among the most important SEO tools your business can use, but quality backlinks are also the most difficult to obtain. Developing and marketing high-quality content is one of the best ways to build those backlinks. 

You should consider basic site tweaks followed by a solid content strategy as your best starting point before diving into a backlinking strategy.

Google Ads

Wouldn’t you know it, Google sells advertising space in its search engine results, as well as on-page advertisements through its Google AdSense service.

Even if you’re a small custom build designer, you can get listed at the top of Google searches for specific keywords by purchasing the rights through Google. If you want to target searches from a specific geographic area, Google lets you do that as well. How much you spend depends on the volume of the keyword and the number of other custom builders also trying to purchase the rights to that ad space.

Consider Google Ads to be just one part of your marketing strategy. If you have the money to spend on Google Ads, it’s a good way to get your brand name right at the top of a Google search, or on websites where it makes sense for your ad to appear. Combine that with quality content, and you may be able to drive more traffic and sales to reap some good ROI. 
Google has tools in place to help companies manage their ad spending as well. If you have a tight ad budget, you can easily avoid overspending. In many cases, the best way to navigate Google Ads is to hire an agency that specializes in digital ads and other forms of digital marketing.


YouTube has over 1 billion users worldwide. You can work this amazing video platform to your favor in a few ways.

First, you can start up your own YouTube page and start delivering unique, shareable video content to help drive leads. As a custom home builder, there’s a large amount of interesting video content you can produce that consumers would love to see: behind the scenes in custom build design, how custom builders develop sketches and models, interviews with architects, and more. Authoritative and informative content more easily leads to sales.

You can also hedge your bets on YouTube by creating and selling advertising on other people’s videos. YouTube has a cost-per-view model, and you can run your ads on videos related to your business. Because YouTube is owned by Google, you can create video ads to run on YouTube using the same Google Ads platform.

Finally, if you’re developing a YouTube content strategy, make sure it’s integrated with your social media channels. Many YouTube users never go directly to YouTube these days. Instead, they view YouTube’s content through social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, or on website articles. 

If you’re developing a written content strategy, you can pair those articles with your video content for better engagement, or share your content directly to audiences and encourage social media shares.


Custom builds are all about the visual impact. To better increase the visual impact of your business, you’ll find a presence on Instagram makes perfect sense.

Instagram began as a social media website purely for sharing artistic pictures. It’s currently owned by Facebook, but still maintains an image- and video-centric approach. And as you might expect, heavily-curated and artistic content still does best there. As a custom builder, that’s a great match.

You can set up an Instagram page that highlights your unique designs, and encourages others to like and share. Because it’s owned by Facebook, you can easily share your Instagram posts to your Facebook page as well.

As with Facebook, YouTube, and Google, you can also run ads through Instagram. You can purchase ads through Facebook and run them across both platforms. Facebook has fairly strict standards for image- and video-based ads. You may need to do a fair bit of tweaking to get it right before Facebook approves your ads.


As we stated in the beginning, a great custom built home will get buyers talking without any extra effort on your part. But you don’t have to settle for just organic word-of-mouth advertising. If you have past buyers who loved your designs and build work, ask them to share their testimonials on your website via a dedicated testimonials section, through other content on your site, in your advertisements, or on review sites like Yelp, Houzz, and Angie’s List

There’s a lot of power in testimonials. Consumers are often skeptical of sales copy, but testimonials strengthen your trust with them. As long as potential buyers believe the testimonials are real, unscripted, and not paid for, they’re likely to be far more interested in exploring your custom builds.

Keep in mind that those three points—real, unscripted, and not paid for—are incredibly important for successful testimonials. If consumers exploring your business suspect you’ve created or paid for inauthentic testimonials, you can actually do more damage to your brand than if you had no testimonials at all. 

Fake independent reviews on websites like Yelp can do your business real damage and can even cause Google to lower your rankings or de-list your website. In some states, it could also be illegal and get you fined.

Great testimonials can significantly boost your business, but don’t dive into the dark side of fake reviews, either on your site or on review sites. If you build a great brand and do exceptional work, you’ll have no problem getting testimonials from happy clients. In most cases, all you need to do is ask.

If you’re ready to enhance your brand and expand your business with a strong social media presence, Google ads, and optimized web content, Madison Ave Media’s team of experts is here to help! Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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What She Said — A Female Founders Panel

What She Said — A Female Founders Panel

On April 24, 2019, Bumble Bizz and Dames Collective hosted its “WHAT SHE SAID” event at Sandbox Venue in San Diego, California. The panel featured female founders who shared their personal entrepreneurial stories. Panel speakers included: Whitney Eckis (Eckis Marketing), Sara Brooks (COVET PR), Andrea Van De Vart (Shop Van De Vort), Cortnie Purdy-Fausner (The Venue Report), and Miranda Luebkeman (CTZN FEM). The panel was moderated by Jessie Donahue, a Dames Collective San Diego Member.

Bumble Bizz is Bumble’s fresh take on networking, with an emphasis on finding professional opportunities over job hunting. Bumble Bizz is the first to bring the “swiping” and “women first” experience to professional connecting. Users can instantly find others who are looking to network, connect professionally and mentor. Adding to Bumble’s vision of becoming the ultimate social network for people you don’t yet know, Bizz is powered by the notion that one connection can lead to the opportunity of a lifetime.

At Bumble, we envision a world free of misogyny where all relationships are equal. As San Diego’s Community Marketing Manager, I’m responsible for building and supporting a community of individuals who live out our mission of kindness, respect, equality, and accountability in their everyday lives through hosting events and bringing Bumble to real life. I was so excited to work with Dames Collective on the ‘WHAT SHE SAID’ event. We wanted to create a safe space where women and male allies could learn about the different obstacles women can face in the first years of running a business. We also wanted to provide a physical space where the audience could cultivate professional connections. Rather than having men and women compete for seats at the table, we wanted to bring more to the table.

Special thanks to our wonderful event sponsors!

Event Styling: Mac Mini Design 

Florals: Fox and Flora 

Venue: Sandbox

Juice: Suja Juice

Rosé: Bev

Charcuterie: Punchdrunk Platter Co.

Panelist Seating: Stecklair Events

Photographer: Meg Marie Photo

Dessert: Night Owls Baking Co.

Videographer: Future’s Past

Signage: Happily Ever Etched

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