2018 Reflection: Biggest Social Media Trends of the Year


As 2018 comes to a close, and we prepare to ring in the New Year, Madison Ave Media highlights some of the most significant social media marketing trends in the past year. 

  1. The use of video content becomes increasingly popular for social media marketers. YouTubers have formed one of the most powerful influencer networks in the social media world.

  2. Mobile matters. Mobile usage continues to surpass desktop usage. Many social networks utilize call-to-action buttons on their mobile apps which generate higher conversion rates than ones on the web.

  3. Paid media popularity increases. As millions of businesses continue to compete on a single platform, user’s resistance to general ads on social media is increasing. Social media sites don’t want to inconvenience their users and drive them away from their platform, so they are always changing their algorithms. Advertisers now show more personal posts or ads that are more relevant to the consumer.

  4. Automation is trending. With the billions of users on social media and millions of competitors, digital marketers are finding automation is the best solution to scale repeated tasks and analyze a surplus of data. Check out these 7 Marketing Automation Tools to Manage Your Social Media Campaigns.

  5. Influencer Marketing rapidly grows. The people who have the authority and ability to influence an audience has drastically altered over the last ten years. These savvy individuals offer value to brands because they can successfully develop a loyal group of followers, create unique content, and amplify trends.


Happy New Year!


Madison Ave Media