Dermatology marketing is an important part of growing your business in a field that has always relied heavily on advertising and other types of marketing. With a growing market and a shortage of dermatologists, it is also a field rife with opportunity — so there is no better time to successfully market your practice and attract new clients.

A unique aspect of dermatology that makes marketing so important is the fact that a change of focus is often a primary goal. Many dermatologists have a booming practice but are working towards change with respect to their mix of cases. Perhaps you are a specialist in one field and plan to create a niche practice. Maybe you desire more variety in the types of cases you treat, or perhaps it’s as simple as you wish to switch to an area of dermatology that is more profitable. Whatever the reason may be, digital dermatology marketing is the tool that will allow you to attract the clientele you are looking for.


Dermatology marketing has changed drastically in the past few years. Traditional advertising methods are still in the picture but digital marketing has taken over as the main technique used. Economical and highly targeted, the ability to display the quality of your work to the right people fits the dermatology field perfectly. Approaching this correctly can be tricky, however. As anyone attempting to do so on their own quickly learns, marketing digitally for a business is a skill that requires both knowledge and experience. General knowledge of marketing is not enough – to truly see the growth you want and attract the perfect clientele, it is important to hire a marketing professional or agency that is well versed in dermatology marketing.


The fact that online dermatology advertising allows you to pinpoint precisely who you market to is appreciated in a field where the type of client is almost as important as gaining the client in the first place. To successfully take advantage of this, however, you will need a marketer familiar with dermatology, the wants and needs of the different client types, and the right channels through which to attract these potential clients.



In the field of dermatology marketing, Google Ads is arguably the technique which will provide the greatest levels of success. With so many people who are unhappy about the appearance of their skin and looking for impressive results, Google searches such as “best dermatologist near me” are a starting point for thousands. The beauty of Google Ads is that they are nearly indistinguishable from organic, unpaid search results. Shown in the same list and slightly more noticeable due to the touch of color, your Google Ad is likely to be one of the first options someone clicks on.

It may surprise you to learn that mobile internet usage is now more prevalent than desktop or laptop browsing. With mobile features like a one-click call icon in searches, Google Ads becomes even more useful when potential customers are searching from their phone, encouraging them to call you right away to find out more. 


Google Ads is the premier example of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising. Thanks to its model of you paying only when your link has been clicked on, it is extremely economical and usually provides an excellent return on your investment (ROI). It also allows you to target your audience, which is why it is so much more successful than traditional marketing methods, which largely force you to market to a larger, more generic group. It is important to note, though, that this same advantage means you mustpartner with a digital marketing professional or agency that is in command of dermatology marketing techniques. Some of these are:

  • Using the right keywords

  • Grouping and structuring them to get your ad to the top of searches

  • Targeting the right audience

  • Crafting an attractive pitch in just a few words

  • Balancing a spend that will reach your entire demographic with wise budgeting

  • Using analytics and testing current ads for effectiveness

  • Adjusting ads to get Improved results


Remarketing is an effective digital marketing tool which Google Ads does particularly well. In short, Google Ads takes note when an individual clicks through on your ad and visits your website. Your banner or display ad will then later be shown to this potential customer while they perform other searches or even visit other websites that are part of the Google Ads network. With the ability to add before and after pictures as well as success rates, these reminders can help convert a potential patient to an actual one. Taking into consideration the statistic that less than 2% of customers commit to choosing a particular service provider the first time they visit a website, remarketing greatly increases your chances of securing that customer. 


If Google Ads are king in the realm of paid advertising, social media is superior when it comes to earned (unpaid) advertising. With the ability to reach millions, social media can do wonders for growing your business and reaching a desired type of clientele – once someone knowledgeable in social media marketing directs it! There are a number of proven methods for social media success in dermatology marketing.

Facebook and Instagram Posts: Facebook and Instagram posts create a relationship and continued interaction with current and potential clients. In dermatology, the ability to show results is the number one way to attract customers. Before and after pictures, patient testimonial videos and other proof of your excellent work should be the bread and butter of your social media postings. Mix your results-oriented posts with those about services and special offers. Add quick videos and graphics offering professional dermatology tips which show your expertise.

Paid Advertising on Facebook and Instagram: Well targeted ads of this type can not only grow your client base but are also excellent for netting the type of patients you are looking for (that is, those with the specific issues which you would like to focus on treating). As always, the ability to include your most impressive ‘before and after’ picture to someone seeking that exact service makes these ads very effective.

Facebook Retargeting: Because of Facebook’s very specific targeting parameters, this is one of the most effective types of remarketing. Using age, location, interests, behaviors and even recent life events allows you to zero in on exactly the type of client you’re looking for. And since it uses code that keeps track of what the potential client was most interested in, you can target him or her based on that information as well. If an individual visited and spent the most time on your psoriasis page, your retargeting would then show him or her an ad on that treatment rather that one about acne treatment – greatly increasing the chance of re-attracting that person. 


While websites have become more streamlined, they are still an integral part of any dermatology marketing campaign. The ability to include an entire gallery of before and after photos on a website is a testament to your consistent success. Using different categories for these galleries (legion removal, acne, hair loss, fungal infections etc.) also provides an easy way for potential patients to see you are an expert in their particular area of concern. Adding testimonials and images of your immaculate and well-equipped facilities will help attract new customers. Digital marketers will design your website, create the layout and find affordable hosting options for you.


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is one the foundations of online marketing. In short, this refers to designing ads, website copy, and other online content in a way that will ensure it shows up as a top result for the correct searches. Regularly updated algorithms control the criteria used to populate search results – therefore you need a knowledgeable, up to date digital marketing professional to choose the keywords, key phrases, and packaging of both, which will result in your practice being one of the first results your desired demographic sees.


Madison Ave Media will help you get the most out of your online dermatology marketing. With years of experience, we have successfully grown many dermatologists’ client base, as well as helped them attract precisely the types of dermatology cases they desire for their practice. If you’d like to find out more about how online dermatology advertising can grow your practice or discuss a customized plan perfect for you, contact us today!