The medical spa market is a rapidly growing one – by 2025 it is expected to have more than doubled in value. A lack of skilled professionals to match this growth can create an opportunity for your spa – however, the perceived high cost of treatments in the U.S. combined with considerably lower costs in ‘medical tourism’ locales like China and Brazil are a real threat to your growth.

Online medical spa marketing is the best way to capture the interest of potential patients and then convince them that becoming your patient will give them the results they desire at a price they can afford. This requires displaying the quality of your work and facilities while making them aware of your fair rates, package deals, and money-saving promotion – actions perfectly suited to digital marketing’s capabilities.


To properly harness the power of online medical spa marketing, you must reach the audience that’s right for yourpractice. Medical spas provide a wide range of services, and your area(s) of specialty will differ from another spa’s. Whether your area of focus is cosmetic injectables, laser treatments, facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, cool sculpting, permanent makeup/tattoo removal, varicose/spider vein treatment or another, a marketing agency knowledgeable in medical spa marketing knows how to target individuals that require the services you offer. While we have multiple tools in our belt, there are some tried and tested methods that have proven to be the best for medical spa marketing.


In medical spa marketing, it’s important to balance the display of eye-catching, impressive results with the correct demeanor since people expect a certain level of professionalism from medical-related practices. Google Ads are a perfect starting point when someone searches for medical spas since they are almost indistinguishable from organic search results. On mobile devices, your ad will even display a one-click call button, increasing the chances the potential patient interacts further.


PPC (pay-per-click) marketing like Google Ads is an economical choice in that you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad. Of course, you hope that many potential patients will click on that ad, but in order for that to happen, the ad must be crafted perfectly in order to attract interest from the type of individuals you are aiming for. Your marketing professional will use the following tools to ensure your ad shows up as a top result in the right searches:

  • Using the right keywords – E.g. If you are a hair loss specialist, keywords like ‘hair loss’, ‘alopecia’ and ‘hypotrichosis’ will capture both general and specific searches.

  • Grouping and structuring them to get your ad to the top of searches – The search engine algorithm hates unnecessarily repeated insertion of keywords (‘keyword stuffing’ as well as forced, unnatural sounding copy.) Digital marketing professionals know how to word their copy in a way that will get your ad noticed, but not flagged.

  • Targeting the right audience – Your marketing agency will go in-depth into your current patient type as well as other types you may want to attract so that the right potential patients see your ad.

  • Crafting an attractive pitch in just a few words – You can only put so much copy in a Google Ad. A succinct but engaging couple sentences can make the difference between a click and a missed opportunity.

  • Maximizing your budget – Balancing ad spend that will get your ad maximum exposure without overspending

  • Analytics – This built-in tool shows how your ad is performing and allows you to gauge your current ad’s effectiveness.

  • Adjusting ads to get improved results – From this data, your marketing agency can then discern how to modify the ad in order to get more clicks.


People searching for medical spas will see many results – and they will more likely than not peruse every single one that is a viable option. Choosing one can also be a tough decision – as can be deciding to go at all as individuals often feel embarrassed about their conditions. That’s why remarketing is such an excellent medical spa marketing tool. People that have clicked through the ad to your website will then be shown display ads for your medical spa while doing subsequent searches and even while on other websites. After looking at 10 different spas, seeing your ad come up again means yours will be at the forefront of their mind. And for those getting cold feet, the remarkable before-and-after pictures you can use in your ads will give them the courage to pursue treatment.


Social media is a great medical spa marketing tool for a number of reasons. To attract new patients and maintain your current client base, it is important to foster a sense of trust and have their confidence. Seeing your patients’ trust in you (especially if they see their friends among those patients) can make your medical spa seem like the most reliable choice. Also, media-heavy platforms like Instagram are the perfect place to use tools like before-and-after photos and videos. Here are some of the most effective social media tactics for medical spa marketing

Facebook and Instagram Posts: You’ll want to have a mix of post types in order to most effectively engage your audience. These would include:

  • Before and after photos and videos

  • Posts highlighting special promotions and contests

  • Photos and video of your spa

  • Links to articles and blogs with relevant information, as well as original content to show your expertise e.g “What causes acne?” (your marketing agency can help you with this)

  • Features on specific team members

  • Features on your biggest success stories with the most dramatic results

  • Question & Answer posts

  • Quick tips

Post often enough to keep your audience’s attention but not so often as to be annoying. A few times a week should be sufficient, with occasional pushes when it comes to promotions.

Paid Advertising on Facebook & Instagram: The ability to finely target an audience with these ads makes them a powerful tool in capturing the attention of potential patients. They are particularly useful for medical spas attempting to grow a client base in specific areas.

Facebook Retargeting: This is perhaps the most powerful tool when it comes to attracting specific types of patients. Facebook’s remarketing tool uses code called ‘pixels’ to not only identify people that have visited your site but also what they were most interested in while there. You can then show an ad about your advanced microneedling service to the young professional that lives in your town and visited your microneedling page 6 times last month.


If the ad or social media post is the hook that first grabs a potential patient’s attention, your website it the actual pole that reels them in. As such, your website should offer things like a virtual tour of your spa, a full list of your services, photo and video galleries showcasing successful treatments, patient testimonials and the like. Advanced websites are excellent for medical spas – video backgrounds showing your beautiful spa and before/after morphs will immediately capture people’s attention and entice them to find out more.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an ever-changing field where copy used on your website, in your ads and in the captions of your posts is designed in such a way to make your online presences show up toward the top of relevant searches. In addition to the use of keywords, techniques like backlinking and URL structuring can have a considerable impact on the amount of traffic coming to your website through web searches.


Madison Ave Media has helped numerous medical spas increase and better focus their patient list through skilled digital marketing. No matter what your particular goals are, we have the tools and the know-how to help you achieve them. If you’d like to find out more about how online medical spa advertising can grow your client base or discuss a customized plan perfect for you, contact us today!