Our social media marketing agency can help you enjoy the many benefits of marketing on top social media platforms. We’ll help you expand your reach via the most targeted form of advertising offered today. Laser-targeted advertisements reach the right people, leading to better engagement and more conversions for every advertising dollar. We can help you open the door to more traffic, more sales, and a better profit margin.  

Social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase brand awareness. Imagine reaching 1,000 people for every $5 you spend on ads. It costs three times less to advertise on social media than it costs to advertise by traditional means. Our social media marketing agency creates ads that target your exact demographic for even better results.

It’s no wonder that social media marketing continues to grow in popularity. It’s the ideal platform for small businesses that want to increase customer satisfaction and improve brand loyalty for better customer retention. Social media also drives more inbound traffic and creates higher conversion rates. No other marketing platform facilitates growth more than a strategic social media marketing strategy.


Small businesses often overlook the opportunities available to them on social media. A growing number of people turn to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other top platforms to find the services and products they need. It isn’t enough to just create a business page on a few social media sites. Each social media platform requires a specific strategy to get results. Madison Ave Media is a social media marketing agency that offers the precise strategies that small businesses will benefit from.


Social media continues to grow, with 3.48 billion users in 2019. Of that number, 90% report having used social media to communicate with a brand or business. Those numbers make it mandatory for all types and sizes of businesses to implement a social media marketing strategy. Not only does offering social media content matter, but the quality of the content matters too. Although 80% of online companies believe they deliver an exceptional social media experience to their customers, only 8% of customers agree.  


More than 50 million small businesses use Facebook Pages to communicate with their customers. One of the best approaches to using Facebook to your advantage is by delivering dynamic content in specific stages at key times. This approach has proven to be more effective than an emotional one. The benefit of hiring a professional social media marketing agency is getting the quality ads that you need to beat out the competition.


Of the 50 million businesses using Facebook Pages, 4 million pay for Facebook advertising. Paid advertising gives small businesses greater visibility and helps them surpass the competition. The problem is that companies using paid advertising often fail to get results. Success comes from knowing whether videos, illustrations, photos, infographics interactive tools, or other social media tools are the best way to deliver your message.


This social media platform has a per-follower engagement rate that is 58 times higher than that of Facebook and 120 times higher than what you’ll find on Twitter. Anyone who is serious about building brand recognition can’t ignore the power of Instagram.


Instagram has grown to more than 1 billion users, making it one of the most diverse and fastest growing social media platforms. Most importantly for you and your business, it has unlimited marketing potential. While those numbers still fall short of those on Facebook, it’s the engagement rate that makes the biggest difference. More people engage with advertisements on Instagram than on Facebook and Twitter combined.

The huge engagement rate isn’t the only reason to advertise on Instagram. It’s also connected to Facebook so that it’s easier to target your audience using your Facebook data. Also, Instagram ads are less intrusive and not as likely to annoy your target customers. It’s a more natural way to tell your story. But that doesn’t mean you should approach advertising on Instagram without understanding the significance of relevant images and videos you need to attract more customers. That’s where Madison Ave Media comes in.


Video content is more important to some businesses than others. In many cases, visual presentations make a huge difference in the way new clients or customers perceive your service or product. Our social media marketing agency will upload and optimize your videos to have the maximum impact.


If your idea of digital marketing is just having a Facebook page, you’re missing out on a lot of benefits social media has to offer. A successful social media strategy is one that works across multiple platforms and which takes advantage of the features that set each platform apart. Trying to handle your own social media marketing is like taking on a full-time job in addition to keeping your business running. Hiring an experienced media marketing agency is the best way to get more of the benefits without investing time and skills you don’t have.


Your brand and your reputation are everything to the success of your business. Our social media marketing agency has the expertise to help keep people talking in all the right ways. Brand and reputation are two very different things, each of which can hinder your ability to grow if not expertly handled.

Your brand is the sum of your customers’ perceptions about your company and the products or services you sell. It represents the value, choice, quality, and experience you provide. Your reputation has more to do with how you deliver the experience of your brand. It takes a lot to build brand awareness and to keep a positive reputation. Our social media marketing services will help you do both every step of the way. 

The increasing number of ways that consumers use social media is driving online business to do the same. No other marketing strategy offers the same types of benefits to grow your business and build your brand. Make social media marketing a part of your marketing strategy, but don’t try to handle it on your own. Leave it to the pros at Madison Ave Media. Contact us today to learn more about our professional digital marketing solutions.